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New hospitality project along the Via Francigena in Medesano, Parma!

A one-million euros project is focused on creation of a cultural center and a hostel along the Via Francigena in Medesano, Parma in northern Italy.

The project foresees urban architectural redevelopment of an area along the Sigeric's route, divided into three steps. The first step – development of a cycle path from Medesano to Felegara - was inaugurated in September 2020. This widely successful initiative is frequently used by citizens and pilgrims en route.

The second and third steps will take almost a year to complete and will involve two major renovations: a farmhouse and a tower. The farmhouse, located in the municipal area, will be transformed into a pilgrim hostel for 24 beds and will provide citizens with a community room.  

The Tower, after reconstruction, will serve as a multipurpose cultural center, a museum dedicated to Adolfo Tanzi, renowned choir master; a library and an educational laboratory for primary school.

The project was developed by the previous administration and is carried out by the current Mayor with fundamental support of the parish.  "The ambition is to make Medesano a particularly attractive center for pilgrims and, on the other hand, to promote the county from a cultural and tourist perspective", says the Mayor Michele Giovannelli.
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