Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

Critical conditions: bad weather in Garlasco - Pavia

Violent rainfall has occurred in recent days along the Pavese section of the Via Francigena. Critical situation remains.

At the entrance to the Ticino Park:

-         The path that enters the Ticino Park at Canarazzo is completely unusable with two interruptions due to the flooding of rivers. The path will not be restored shortly.

-        After Molino di Limido near the Canale di Gaviola the path has been completely washed away by floods on a 20-meter stretch (the stretch remains flooded).

 In the Ticino Park:

-        On the way to Casoni the Ticino river is overflowed and the path is not usable for at least 700 - 800 meters

 We therefore recommend the utmost caution.
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