Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

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Vie Francigene in the South, the allure of Salento

The Via Francigena routes in the South are ancient pilgrim routes. Charming routes which connected Rome to the ports of Puglia immersed in history from Roman bases, ancient trails and Christian sanctuaries. 

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Viterbo, Pilgrim Hostel

New accomodation structure for pilgrims of the Via Francigena. From March to September, the Parish of Santa Maria Nuova in Viterbo offers accomodation to pilgrims on the road.

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Walking along the Via Francigena with Walden Viaggi

The group weekends and trips with "Walden Viaggi on foot" have begun again, in the footsteps of Sigeric, accompanied by professional guides, to discover one of the most important pilgrim routes of western Christianity.

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Walking the Menalon Trail. An unusual way to discover Greece on foot

For those who love the paths and en plein air experiences, this route is called the "Menalon Trail", located in a mountainous area in the heart of the Peloponnese.

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Walking the Via Francigena listening to Jack Jaselli

The EAVF continues LIVE broadcasts on its Instagram page @viefrancigene_AEVF hosting inspirational guests, walkers, artists and writers. On 21 May we met with Jack Jaselli – a singer, musician, author and a globetrotter pilgrim.

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XX Years of the Francigena Ways as Council of Europe Cultural Routes: the official programme regarding events scheduled in Acquapendente

Antonio Tajani , Vice-President of the European Commission, Silvia Costa, member of the Culture Committee of the European Parliament, Elke Atzler, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, will attend the international event scheduled in Acquapendente Saturday, May 31, 2014

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“Francigena, word of pilgrims” - the latest work of the photographer Céline Anaya Gautier

Céline Anaya Gautier is a pilgrim and an internationally renowned photographer. Recently we have had an honour to speak with her during one of the live broadcasts on the EAVF Facebook page (click here if you had missed it!). We talked about her latest ambitious project: a journey along the Via Francigena with her youngest 7-year old son and publishing of a photographic book about the route.

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“The Via Francigena and I”, the Terre di Mezzo questionnaire for hikers

The Terre di Mezzo editing company has launched a data collection study of hikers in Italy to understand and narrate the main characters of the Routes and Vie today.

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