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Casetta nel Borgo - Olevano Romano

An appartment finely restored and refurbished with a kitchen, including utencils and a washing machine, and wooden beams with exposed stones, located within the ancient walls of Olevano Romano a 6th Century medieval village 45km from Rome.

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Château de Liettres - Liettres

Let's have a good night’s rest in this smallholding of Liettres Castle, part of the French National Heritage, and discover this step’s history that Sigeric The Serious wrote in his parchment

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SESSA ARUNCA (Campania Region, Province of Caserta) – RUTI SAN PIETRO PLOT

New accommodation facility for pilgrims, surrounded by suggestive vineyards and olive groves of the Via Francigena in the South, located in Ruti di Lauro, Sessa Arunca (Caserta, Italy)

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