Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

4th Marathon on Bolsena Lake

Sunday 26 Apr. 2020
Sunday 26 Apr. 2020

On 26 April once again we run the marathon of Lake Bolsena, which celebrates its 4th edition in 2020.
The initiative has seen a steady growth of interest and participants over the years, from 600 people for the first time to over 1200 scheduled for this spring.
The routes are designed for all ages and all "legs": an itinerary of 18 kilometres, one of 37 and for more trained participants - 54 kilometres immersed in the beauty of the Lazio region.

The marathon is promoted every year at national and international level, with the aim of making the Via Francigena known and appreciated on the territory of ​​the Municipality of Montefiascone and adjacent municipalities. The land that winds around Lake Bolsena, particularly rich in natural and cultural heritage, attracts marathon participants to stay even after the event.

Among the most fascinating places there is a stretch of Roman paving where St Francis walked barefoot for a few hundred meters and the meeting point between Via Francigena and Via Romea Germanica just in front of a beautiful Basilica of San Flaviano.

Last September, given the success of the initiative, the Francigena association of Montefiascone gave birth to a new event - the Way of the Popes, so called because of its starting point in Rocca dei Papi di Montefiascone. A walker travels along a picturesque path, strolling on ancient Roman paving on some stretches before reaching the Palazzo dei Papi in Viterbo.

The events are sponsored by the Municipality of Montefiascone, all municipalities bordering Lake Bolsena, Municipality of Viterbo and Viterbo Chamber of Commerce.
On 25 April, the association also organizes some collateral activities to introduce participants to the historic and cultural beauties of Montefiascone, culinary traditions of the area and the history and legends of the lake.

A welcome drink is offered and following the guided tours there is a dinner at two typical restaurants. The appointment with the interested parties will be at the headquarters of the Lions of Montefiascone.

The marathon program and the restaurant menu for the April 25th appointment are attached.
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