Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

Meeting of the network EUNeK for promoting Via Francigena and the Pilgrimage routes

Wednesday 03 Dec. 2014
Wednesday 03 Dec. 2014

In the framework of the international conference "The European Pilgirmage Routes for promoting sustainable and quality touism in rural areas", the second  meeting of the network EUNeK will take place on December 3rd 2014 in Florence.

EUNeK is a network on Universities for the Via Francigena and the Piglrimage Ways, leaded by the European Association of Via Francigena. EUNeK represents also the Scientific Committe of the Association.
This is a network which includes specialists in several subjects and fosters multicultural dialogue through scientific research and exchange of best practices, in support of didactic and research activity on the Via Francigena and pilgrimage routes

On this occasion the EUNeK member will define some of the issues from the shared research themes for participate European projects in the spirit of this agreement  for promote the knowledge and the cooperation in research and teaching in Heritage, Cultural Tourism, Landscape and Cultural Itineraries.

Among the research topics of Cultural Itineraries (from the Via Francigena), some of these will be underlined:

- The tourist arrival / stays/ steps (might be able the good practices from the Statistical Networks in Tourism Sector of Adriatic Regions – STAR project, survey online in the structures of the territory);

- The network design of local services and products in the pilgrimage area (hospitality, restaurants, handicrafts and agri-food);

- The structures of subjective and social Wellbeing and culture of Health;

- The tools and indicators of sustainable lifestyle;

This second meeting  will mark the beginning of a sharing  events, projects, researchs, training courses and others among the thirtheen  EUNeK partners.
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