European Francigena Marathon, the 7th edition

Sunday 02 Jun. 2019
Sunday 02 Jun. 2019

The 7th edition of the European Francigena Marathon has been planned for the 2nd June. The hike will begin in Acquapendente and end in Montefiascone after 42,195km of walking at a slow-pace along the Francigena.

The marathon also offers alternative routes:

- Acquapendente - San Lorenzo Nuovo: 11,300 km

- Acquapendente - Bolsena: 23,500 km

- San Lorenzo Nuovo - Bolsena: 12,200 km

- San Lorenzo - Momntefiascone: 30,900 km

- Bolsena - Montefiascone: 18,700 km

The event, promoted on a national and international level, aims to raise awareness of a territory rich in natural and artistic beauty, which makes up the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the municipalities interested in the event.

The event begins in Acquapendente, 132km north of Rome, along the Via Cassia and the border of Umbria and Tuscany, it is an essential rest-stop along the Via Francigena. Following the official route, plotted under the direction of the European Association of Via Francigena Ways and Lazio, with the supervision of the CAI of Viterbo, the path continues along country roads towards the town of San Lorenzo Nuovo.

From here, the first arrival point (11,300km), the route proceeds along the volcanic banks to Bolsena, second arrival point (23.5km), where the path leads down the characteristic lanes of the castle running alongside the Basilica of Santa Cristina. From Bolsena the route becomes trickier, crossing narrow and typical country lanes to the natural park of Turona at the summit of Montefiascone (42,195km), a historical town home of Peter’s tomb. Here we can admire the monument and the Torre al Pellegrino in the centre of the complex of the Rocca dei Papi.

Registration: registration opens on 8th January, following the instructions on

Registration deadline 15th May 2019 or having reached 2000 participants.

The event has been organised by the Department of Sport, Tourism and Culture of the municipality of Acquapendente, the Club Alpino Italiano of Viterbo, with the support of the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways, Comando Provinciale Viterbo and the collaboration of the municipalities of San Lorenzo Nuovo, Bolsena and Montefiascone and the help of several local associations.