On the Way with...

Interview with Jane Wang, a pilgrim and a great lover of the Francigena. When the Asian Culture meets the Francigena route

Jane Wang rode the Via Francigena during the last summer, starting from Canterbury. It was a long trip tackled with no special physical preparation and with a great desire to live intensely the emotions on the way.

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Walking with...Ivo Gabrielli, the pilgrim host in love with the Via Francigena

Being a host is pure volunteering and when I do it, in that moment, it is the walk that comes to me". Today’s interview takes us "Walking with..." Ivo Gabrielli, a hosting pilgrim in love with the Via Francigena.  

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Walking with..Sergio Pieri, the life of the Francigena

If his enthusiasm could be measured in steps, he would have already been around the world and back.  Today's interview takes us "Walking with..." Sergio Pierithe life of the Via Francigena.

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