Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

Sigeric’s Itinerary

In the year 990, archbishop Sigeric travelled between Rome and Canterbury. Sigeric used this itinerary travelling back from Rome, where he received the Pallium from the Pope. The archbishop described the 79 stages of his itinerary towards Canterbury in a journal.



  • I Urbs, Roma, Borgo Leonino,
  • II Johannis VIIII, today La Storta,
  • III Bacane, today Valle di Baccano, municipality of Campagnano di Roma,
  • IIII Suteria, today Sutri,
  • V Furcari, today Vetralla,
  • VI Sce Valentine, today Bulicame presso Viterbo,
  • VII Sce Flaviane, today Montefiascone,
  • VIII Sca Cristina, today Bolsena,
  • IX Aquapendente, today Acquapendente.


  • X Sce Petir in Pail., today Podere Voltole, municipality of Abbadia San Salvatore,
  • XI Abricula, today Le Briccole or Bricola, municiplaity of Castiglione d'Orcia,
  • XII Sce Quiric., today San Quirico d'Orcia,
  • XIII Turreiner., today Torrenieri, municipality of Montalcino,
  • XIV Arbia, today Ponte d'Arbia, municipality of Monteroni d'Arbia,
  • XV Seocine, today Siena,
  • XVI Burgenove, today Abbadia a Isola municipality of Monteriggioni,
  • XVII Aelse, today Pieve d'Elsa, disappeared locality next to Gracciano d'Elsa, municipality of Colle di Val d'Elsa,
  • XVIII Sce Martin in Fosse, today Molino d'Aiano, municipality of Colle di Val d'Elsa,
  • XIX Sce Gemiane, today San Gimignano,
  • XX Sce Maria Glan., today Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta a Chianni, municipality of Gambassi Terme,
  • XXI Sce Peter Currant., today Pieve dei Santi Pietro e Paolo a Coiano, municipality of Castelfiorentino,
  • XXII Sce Dionisii, today Borgo San Genesio, archaeologic site, municipality of San Miniato,

Crossing of the river Arno.

  • XXIII Arne Blanca, today Fucecchio,
  • XXIV Aqua Nigra, today Ponte a Cappiano, municipality of Fucecchio,
  • XXV Forcri, today Porcari,
  • XXVI Luca, today Lucca,
  • XXVII Campmaior, today Camaiore.


  • XXVIII Luna, today Luni, municipality of Ortonovo,
  • XXIX Sce Stephane, today Santo Stefano di Magra.


  • XXX Aguilla, today Aulla,
  • XXXI Puntremel, today Pontremoli,
  • XXXII Sce Benedicte, today Montelungo, municipality of Pontremoli.

Towards the Cisa Pass.


  • XXXIII Sce Moderanne, today Berceto,
  • XXXIV Phi­lemangenur, today Felegara, municipality of Medesano (or maybe Fornovo di Taro),
  • XXXV Metane, today Medesano (or maybe Costamezzana, municipality of Noceto),
  • XXXVI Sce Domnine, today Fidenza,
  • XXXVII Floricum, today Fiorenzuola d'Arda,
  • XXXVIII Placentia, today Calendasco (Piacenza).

Crossing of the river Po.


  • XXXIX Sce Andrea, today Corte Sant'Andrea, a fraction of the municipality of  Senna Lodigiana,
  • XL Sce Cristine, today Santa Cristina,
  • XLI Pamphica, today Pavia,
  • XLII Tremel, today Tromello.


  • XLIII Vercel, today Vercelli,
  • XLIV Sca Agath., today Santhià,
  • XLV Everi, today Ivrea.

Aosta Valley

  • XLVI Publei, today Montjovet,
  • XLVII Agusta, today Aosta,
  • XLVIII Sce Remei, today Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses.

Towards the Great St Bernard Pass.


Valais Canton

  • XLIX Petrecastel, today Bourg-Saint-Pierre,
  • L Ursiores, today Orsières,
  • LI Sce Maurici, today Saint-Maurice and territorial abbey of San Maurizio d'Agauno.

Vaud Canton

  • LII Burbulei, today Versvey municipality of Yvorne, near Aigle,
  • LIII Vivaec, today Vevey,
  • LIV Losanna, idem Losanna,
  • LV Urba, today Orbe,


Franca Contea

  • LVI Antifern, today Jougne, Saint-Maurice’s Chapel,
  • LVII Punterlin, today Pontarlier,
  • LVIII Nos, today Nods,
  • LIX Bysiceon, today Besançon,
  • LX Cuscei, today Cussey-sur-l'Ognon,
  • LXI Sefui, today Seveux.


  • LXII Grenant, idem Grenant,
  • LXIII Oisma, today Humes, municipality of Humes-Jorquenay,
  • LXIV Blaecuile, today Blessonville,
  • LXV Bar, today Bar-sur-Aube,
  • LXVI Breone, today Brienne-la-Vieille,
  • LXVII Domaniant, today Donnement,
  • LXVIII Funtaine, today Fontaine-sur-Coole, municipality of Faux-Vésigneul,
  • LXIX Chateluns, today Châlons-en-Champagne,
  • LXX Rems, today Reims.


  • LXXI Corbunei, today Corbeny,
  • LXXII Mundlothuin (in Monte Loduni), today Laon,
  • LXXIII Martinwaeth (Martini Vadum), today Seraucourt-le-Grand,
  • LXXIV Duin, today Doingt.

North Pas-de-Calais

  • LXXV Atherats, today Arras,
  • LXXVI Bruwaei, today Bruay-en-Artois or Bruay-la-Buissière,
  • LXXVII Teranburh, today Thérouanne,
  • LXXVIII Gisne, today Guînes,
  • LXXIX (?)
  • LXXX Sumeran, today Sombre (in Dutch Someren) next to Wissant.

Towards the English Channel.



  • (?), today Dover.
  • (?), today Canterbury.
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