• The Walking Path
    The Walking Path

More than a thousand kilometers to travel, from the Great St. Bernard Pass to Rome, step by step, over easy mountain paths, mule tracks, rural and secondary roads, cypress-lined dirt roads or those shaded by majestic pines. Under your feet run the oldest streets of the beautiful country of Italy. Streets paved with river stones, slabs worn by the passage of time, until you reach the "cobblestones" of Rome. The trail will take you through villages where all roads lead to Rome. The official route of the Via Francigena is the safest, and was carefully designed to be traveled by all ages



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Criticalities along the Path

Tappa 45 - Da La Storta a Roma - ripulito il Parco dell'Insugherata

Good news for pilgrims walking along the La Storta - Rome leg. Maintenance work has been carried out and the Insugherata Park has been cleaned up. As announced by Roma Natura on the official website.

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Sloways luggage transport on Via Francigena

If you find any criticality along the path, please send us an email: