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On the road with Banca Generali towards a more sustainable future

For 2024 as well, the Via Francigena renews its collaboration with the Sales Unit North West, coordinated by Alessandro Mauri of Banca Generali, who shares with our Association values related to environmental responsibility and ecosystem protection. The financial group, at the forefront of promoting a sustainable future, operates every day on multiple fronts to encourage investments that integrate environmental, social, and good governance factors: in other words, it offers concrete support to help citizens take care of their life projects.

Environmental protection, understood as a daily responsibility that concerns all of us, is at the heart of the photographic project BG4SDGs – Time to Change, through which Banca Generali concretizes its commitment to the fight against climate change and more conscious use of natural resources. Through the shots of photographer Stefano Guindani, Banca Generali aims to investigate the implementation status of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that make up the UN Agenda 2030, and which constitute fundamental guidelines for developing peace, justice, and equality at all levels: from corporate governance of large companies to responsible lifestyles for individuals.

Poverty, education, nutrition, hygiene, and gender equality appear in the Agenda’s roadmap, alongside clean and accessible energy, water availability, responsible production and consumption, and industrial innovation. This results in a complex picture, rich in difficulties and delays, but also in virtuous actions from which to draw inspiration, each in their own context. EAVF embraces the cause, actively committing to the enhancement of territories and the creation of tangible environmental awareness: the Via Francigena thus emerges as a message of peace, facilitating sustainable mobility, intercultural dialogue, and the spread of common ideas and values for a greener and more cohesive Europe.

The most representative photos of the BG4SDGs – Time to Change project have been selected for a traveling exhibition inaugurated in Venice, which will be set up in major Italian cities throughout 2024. The goal? To generate reflections related to the environment, work, and communities that must continue to concern each of us, without exception.

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