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No middle measures for sustainability on the route: discover the 100% sustainable clothing by CAMCO Activewear

The EAVF family is getting bigger and bigger, and is now enriched with the valuable collaboration of CAMCO Activewear, a manufacturer of 100% sustainable clothing for both men and women, ideal for outdoor activities. 

Increasing public awareness about sustainability and the environment has recently opened new scenarios in the world of clothing, and CAMCO is one of the brands that embrace these values. 

A passion for walking and a commitment to sustainability

CAMCO was founded by Matteo Corrado, a walker and engineer by training and trade, with the aim of bringing an attentive eye towards caring for the environment into the world of sportswear. He thus decided to introduce a new element in the Made in Italy world: to create technical and comfortable apparel using materials that nature itself provides, without harming it. Like CAMCO, our Association is always keen to promote the respect and care for the land, and to be the spokesperson for craft and local knowledge and traditions built up over time, in harmony with natural cycles.  

The revolution based on 50% extra-fine Merino wool and 50% TENCEL™ 

Garments produced by CAMCO are the result of research into sustainable materials and a focus on a supply chain that fully takes into account the well-being of the environment and of animals. This is why the company uses tags printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, which certifies that the material comes from responsibly managed forests. 

The clothes are 50% extra-fine Merino wool and 50% TENCEL™, making the CAMCO collections particularly suitable for outdoor enthusiasts in all seasons. The extra-fine Merino wool is GOTS certified and mulesing-free, which means it excludes invasive shearing techniques. It ensures a warmer walk in winter while insulating the heat in summer. Mulesing, for those who don’t know, is a barbaric surgical practice, adopted mainly on Australian farms, which causes much suffering to the sheep. TENCEL™, a registered trademark of Lenzing AG, on the other hand, is a botanical fibre. During its production, process fluids are reused and recycled by more than 99%. Thanks to the lyocell in TENCEL™ fibres, moisture is regulated and the body stays drier and cooler. 

CAMCO’s experience along the Via Francigena route 

Like many of the Association’s partners, CAMCO gained experience regarding the Via Francigena route by walking some of its sections: in summer 2021, with a trip on the route from Bagno Vignoni to Rome, discovering Montefiascone and Lake Bolsena, but also the city of Viterbo, starting point for another walk to Rome last summer.  

CAMCO’s business proposal and history meets the mission of the Association, enriching its network with a valuable ally along the ethical and sustainable path. CAMCO wants to celebrate this partnership by offering a 20% discount on the value of the entire shopping cart to Via Francigena pilgrims who can enter the discount code AEVF20


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