Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

  • By Public Transportation
    By Public Transportation

Not everyone can afford the luxury of dedicating 2 or 3 months to a long and exciting journey on foot. This does not mean however, that you need to give up your dream of travelling the Francigena to Rome. There are many pilgrims who travel the route over several years, splitting the path into sections of a week or ten days.

The majority of the stopping places on the Via Francigena are served by the national rail network or public buses.
Use the interactive map to find out which steps are accessible by train.

Through public transport it is also possible to lighten a stage that is too demanding either due to length or elevation. If time is limited, you can select the most beautiful or rewarding stages. You can also avoid bad weather without sacrificing visits to the most historic and artistically rich places - those that preserve the memory of pilgrimage and the significant heritage along the Way.

 The agreement with Trenitalia allowsthe pilgrims that travel with the EAVF Credential to benefit from favourable rates (10% decrease) on the price of regional train tickets, in the authorised segments. The project aims at enhancing the relatioship between sustainable mobility and walking. For more information, see the regulation.


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