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Jubilee 2025: Green Light from the Rome City Council for the Pilgrims’ Paths Redevelopment Project

Rome, 28 June 2024 – The Rome City Council has approved the redevelopment project for the Pilgrims’ Paths, included in the essential and urgent interventions programme for the Jubilee.

The Jubilee Society (Società Giubileo Spa) will implement a total investment of 3 million euros aimed at establishing an integrated network of the existing paths. The interventions will focus on the entrance routes to Rome of the Northern Via Francigena, the Path of Saint Francis, and the Southern Via Francigena, which will welcome many of the expected 30 to 35 million pilgrims arriving in the capital for 2025.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works will be carried out on the current urban sections, addressing horizontal signage and signposting, identifying possible rest areas, refurbishing deterrents and various types of barriers along the paths and in parks. Additionally, streets will be upgraded, urban furniture will be renovated, pavements and trails in parks will be improved, including maintenance of greenery and hydrogeological measures (creating drainage systems). There will also be work on the panoramic route of the 5 km cycle path connecting Monte Mario and Valle Aurelia/Monte Ciocci, where construction has started recently on the section to St. Peter’s.

“We are working on cycle-pedestrian paths, new furnishings, maintenance of trails and park greenery to upgrade and enhance the network of spiritual paths leading to Rome,” explained Mayor Roberto Gualtieri. “Enchanting atmospheres, breathtaking landscapes, and high-quality services will welcome the many people who wish to reach St. Peter’s and the city on foot or by bicycle for the next Jubilee.”

“We are starting a project that will affect many pilgrims,” added the City Councillor for the Environment, Sabrina Alfonsi, “and will restore an extraordinary heritage of paths and routes involving beautiful places and parks like the Via Francigena, the Insugherata Reserve, Monte Ciocci, and historic streets and squares of the city leading to St. Peter’s. A valuable task,” concluded the councillor, “which we will accomplish quickly thanks to dedicated funds and the on-field commitment of the Jubilee Society Spa.”

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