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‘Help Pellegrini’: a network for pilgrims between Rome and Teano

The Gruppo dei Dodici Association, together with other local associations in Lazio, has set up the Help Pellegrini Network to follow and help walkers and pilgrims passing between Rome and Teano along the Via Francigena in Southern Italy.

The help group consists of 18 people coordinated by Giuseppe Pucci of the Gruppo dei Dodici, who keep updated through a new group on WhatsApp. The aim is to offer support to travellers with regard to accommodation (overnight stays, food, etc.), emergency situations and accidents, loss of the route, or critical situations that prevent or make it dangerous to pass along the route.
It is also important to record the number of walkers and pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena in southern Lazio in order to collect data and promote the infrastructure along this stretch, so the group will be distributing a survey sheet.

If you are in transit along the Via Francigena in southern Lazio, or if you are planning your journey, you can ask for support from the Gruppo dei Dodici at any time via the contacts listed here:

Telephone Giuseppe Pucci: +39 349 808 7237


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