Via Francigena

Garmont - Technical sponsor of the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF)

Garmont and the EAVF join forces, united by their passion for walking and a philosophy to go beyond boundaries of the ordinary.
Hence the agreement providing benefits to the Via Francigena pilgrims:  20% discount for the Garmont footwear.

How to benefit from 20% discount:

A pilgrimage has always been a rediscovery of the essential. When going on a trip, the first thought preparing a backpack is not “what do I wear?”, but “what can I leave at home?”.
That is why we focus on indispensable and expect maximum from each item.

Lightness, comfort and performance are essential characteristics for pilgrim’s items, expected to last hundreds of kilometers.

The EAVF is always keen on providing walkers with all useful information about the journey, including the most essential – footwear. Shoes, boots, sneakers. Each walk is different, each pilgrim has his or her own needs, but they all share one condition: an absolute quality. That is the philosophy which brought together Garmont and the EAVF.

The company from Vedelago (Italy) is famous for its high performance footwear for mountaineering, hiking and outdoor activities. For every person who loves living an active life, Garmont develops innovative and quality products characterized by its high technology. Garmont is ever committed to production of footwear capable of resisting the most demanding adventures, such as facing long walks along the Via Francigena. This ancient road has led pilgrims to Rome for thousands of years along the historic route traced by the Archbishop Sigeric, who left Canterbury and arrived on foot in the Eternal City of Rome. Today the official route measures over 3,200 km via England, France, Switzerland and Italy.

Garmont’s motto “Stay Wild” embodies EAVF principles of willing to cross limits of one’s ordinary and aspiring to overcome physical, mental and psychological boundaries.
The company is also particularly attentive to issues of social responsibility and conscious exploitation of resources as well as it supports important international missions to protect wildlife. These are the concepts shared by the EAVF, which were important for choicing a technical partner.