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Explor Games®: Sigeric in the land of the 4 rivers

In June 2022, the French Federation of Municipalities of the Four Rivers launched the app “Sigeric in the land of the four rivers”. It’s an Explor Games® game promoting historical, cultural and natural heritage of the area of the four rivers.

The game is mainly based on the important history that connects the Via Francigena with the river Saône. Explor Games® are adventure games
where players are the heroes! In a clever mix of treasure and digital scavenger hunt, participants alternate real and virtual world, game and information content.

You only need a smartphone or a tablet to play. Download the app “Sigeric in the land of the four rivers” for free from Google Play or App Store.

Sigeric, archbishop of Canterbury, is popular for the Via Francigena as we know that he walked it in 990 to get the pallium from Pope John XV. He wrote the 79 stages of his journey back home on a parchment, today kept at the British Library in London.

We imagined that, while passing through the land of the four rivers, Sigeric would be robbed of his belongings. Here starts the adventure, since Sigeric cannot return without the legitimacy of his sacrament!

A game offering 4 paths, with 4 themes and 4 objects to collect, besides a themed walk! You’ll cross Champlitte with the Via Francigena, Ray-sur-Saône with its castle, the forest of Renaucourt and its arboretum, the majestic canal of Savoyeux, Dampierre-sur-Salon and its history.

The CC4R led the project with a total budget of 154,000 €. They were co-financed by the French government, the Region and the Saving Bank of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

All you must do is set out with Sigeric on this adventure as you walk along the Via Francigena!

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