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Educational Tour in Tuscia: a great example of territorial enhancement

An Educational Tour was led during the days 21, 22 and 23rd of June in the Italian area of Tuscia, in the province of Viterbo. The initiative was financed by the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo and by Unioncamere Lazio, and was organized by Francigena Service S.r.l. with the technical support of SloWays, an expert partner of the European Association of Via Francigena ways (EAVF).

The press trip was held by a group of journalists: Giulia Armeni (Il Giornale di Vicenza), Dario Bordet (italiadagustare – Milano 24orenews – Roma 24orenews), Lorenza Cerbini (Corriere della Sera) and bloggers: Alessandro Bertini and Sara Dutto (Girovagate), Patrizia Ferlini (Saporiinviaggio). They were accompanied by: Anna Maria Olivieri (Responsible of Placement Services to Enterprises’ Internationalization and Marketing at the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo), Marika Massotti (Social Media Manager at EAVF), Tullia Caballero (CEO of SloWays) and Agostino Cecchini, licensed tourist and trekking guide.

The event was important to allow journalists and bloggers to learn about the territory of Tuscia and the passage of the Via Francigena in this area, ancient pilgrimage route which, today, is crossed by millions of walkers. Participants walked across the woods and green nature, visited historical villages and met people who enrich local entrepreneurship with passion and originality.

The group began the tour with a walk along the Via Francigena, in the direction of Bolsena, coming across the archeological site of Poggio Moscini. The tour then crossed the histocial center of Bolsena, the City of Miracles (Città dei Miracoli), and the group took part in a handcraft workshop at a pottery and coloured ceramics shop called Terre di Rasenna. The day came to an end at a beautiful biological and holistic holiday farmhouse, “Valle dei Calanchi”, which applies homeodynamic agriculture in its land. The experience mesmerized the curious group of travelers.

The second day started with a visit at the historical center of Montefiascone (EAVF’s member municipality), with a visit at the Basilica di San Flaviano. Before starting the walk on the Via Francigena, the group enjoyed a break at the panoramic resting spot of the city, which overlooks the lake of Bolsena. Participants then walked along one of the most famous and beloved routes in the area, the Via Cassia Antica, with its authentic Roman paving. They then reached the farm Azienda Agricola il Molino, where Annalisa and Mauro welcomed them in elegantly restyled farmhouses with oil tastings and a rich lunch with local and high-quality products. Walkers were then joined by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo.

In the afternoon, the Educational Tour focused on the city of Viterbo, (EAVF’s member municipality). A stroll of the city center, with a visit to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, was followed by a tour of the Pilgrim’s district. In the late afternoon time stopped when Lucia and Hans talked to the group about the ancient craft and art of binding books: participants were guided in the creation of a little handmade notebook.

The last day, the tour started with a walk from Capranica to the town of Sutri (EAVF’s member municipality). Participants walked through the woods, across little waterfalls and wooden bridges, and discovered the well-known sword in the stone. After a 6 km walk, across the Natural Park of the Ancient City of Sutri, they reached another archeological site. The tour ended with a lunch in the village of Caprarola, along an uphill street bringing to the famous Palazzo Farnese. An experience full of flavours and typical dishes.

This shared project revealed itself as a wonderful tool to recignize the value of this territory, thanks to the collaboration between various institutions and enterprises of the Tuscia Viterbese. It enhanced local promotion and the availability of services, resources and specialities of the area.

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