Via Francigena

EAVF’s General Assembly will be in Viterbo on 14 October 2022

Luca Bruschi
Luca Bruschi
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The City of Viterbo will host the General Assembly in its autumn session of the EAVF’s members on Friday 14 October 2022.

The General Assembly is made possible thanks to the contributions of:

Other contributions were received from: Rotary Club di Viterbo, Graphic Art 6.

Click here for the complete programme of the days 13-15 October


* participants who are not members of the EAVF may only attend the Assembly as auditors, as voting rights are reserved for members

The General Assembly and the events in Viterbo are open to the public upon registration.

The EAVF’s international network returns to meet in physical presence after the well-attended General Assembly in Canterbury (Kent County, UK) in April 2022. The main item on the agenda will be the discussion on the status of the candidature of the Via Francigena as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Attention will then turn to the main projects underway in England, France, Switzerland and Italy. Finally, a special focus will be on the best practices concerning the route, reception and signposting.

The meeting in Viterbo includes, in addition to the statutory assembly attended by the 214 member municipalities and 70 friend associations, a series of discussions, cultural events, guided tours, convivial moments and a ‘I Love Francigena‘ walk from 13 to 15 October.