Via Francigena

Discover the Via Francigena with AllTrails

The European Association of the Via Francigena ways engaged in a partnership with AllTrails, the application launched in 2010 entirely dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts.

Thanks to the App, hikers and cyclists of all kinds can safely consult the Via Francigena route on Android or iOS: all trails are verified by experts and reviewed by the global community!

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AllTrails and Via Francigena united by their passion for outdoor activity and sustainability

In AllTrails there are more than 300,000 trails located in over 100 countries, accompanied by hand-curated maps in which every detail is fine-tuned to provide you with all the information you need to undertake your route. Maps are generated via GPS thanks to user input and then verified by the company’s team. From the ‘Explore’ section, you can take a look at places and trails in the area where you live, as well as destinations to visit. All this is accompanied by photos, information on altitude difference and road surface, weather, and many comments from users who have travelled on the same route. In addition, selected options make it possible to take your choices and understand whether the routes are suitable in terms of time, length, presence of natural or cultural points of interest such as lakes or waterfalls, as well as their accessibility, as this short video shows.

AllTrails and AEVF share the desire to make the Via Francigena an inclusive and truly sustainable route: the App, besides being an inclusive tool, has an environmentalist vocation. As stated on the homepage, AllTrails is a member of One Percent for the Planet with which it donates 1% of its annual revenue to benefit organisations working for sustainability.

AllTrails personalises and shares your trip along the Via Francigena!

Within the AllTrails App, you can record and download the Via Francigena route even in offline mode, entering details on modes and timing, publishing photos, and mapping routes and their variants. In addition, you can insert customised alerts which are useful, for example, for birdwatchers or cyclists.

A community of over 45 million users interacts in real time through the App, exchanging tips and updates on the route, weather conditions and, why not, arranging to walk parts of the route together!

The path tracks are available directly in the AllTrails application. Alternatively, in the ‘Route’ section of our website, you can download GPX tracks which can then be imported into the AllTrails platform for viewing.

Click here to download AllTrails on Android or iOS

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