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Cycle 2 Recycle project: bike for environment

Passion for cycling and environmental awareness are in the heart of the project “Cycle 2 Recycle”, developed by Myra Stals, a Dutch expat from Turin.

After years in academic coordination in Italian foreign universities, Myra changes her life to dedicate it to her passion for cycling and environmental protection.

The project was born from Myra’s first bicycle trip in 2016 when she crossed 18 European countries over four months; then leaving for the Balkans in 2018. That wonderful and intense experiences of learning new cultures and enjoying nature brought to light the devastating situation of plastic pollution along the routes she took.

In 2019 Myra decides to take action and founds Cycle 2 Recycle. Its main purpose is to make people aware of the great problem of plastic pollution.

The first edition of the project took place in summer 2019 when Myra pedalled for over 2000 km with a heavy unassisted cargo bike, crossing the Alps twice and collecting 43 kg of plastic waste – an equivalent of 4300 empty 500 ml bottles!

For 2020 edition “Cycle 2 Recycle for Italy”, Myra develops a new plan – useful for the environment as always, but also to many hard-hit people from the economic crisis due to the pandemic via fundraising for Italian Food Bank (Banco Alimentari).

Her 3-months journey starts from Turin on 4 July 2020 along the Via Francigena to Santa Maria di Leuca in Apulia, going to the Dolomits on her way back to Turin. She will be facing 6500 km, (unfortunately) several kg of plastic along the way and hopefully funds to support those in difficulty today.

Myra will accompany us on her journey with direct Facebook broadcasts on her page and will share her experience on the Instagram and Twitter profiles!

To date Myra has already reached the necessary amount to start her travel thanks to the crowdfunding campaign and generous donations, which will allow her to complete this adventure. Any extra donations will be given to the Food Bank.

If you wish to support her project, offer accommodations and catering with a reduced price or provide in kind technical assistance, please contact Myra on her website.

The European Association of the Via Francigena ways EAVF supports Myra in her inspiring project and wishes her a successful journey!

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