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The Via Francigena is on Netflix with Cattelan and Sorrentino

“Thanks for allowing me to discover the Via Francigena” is the phrase with which the presenter Alessandro Cattelan and the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino salute each other after a conversation on the relationship between happiness and religion. In the background stands the Tuscan countryside along the Via Francigena, while some passing pilgrims stop to say hello.

The historic route defined by Sigeric was, in fact, the location chosen by the film-makers to record the second episode of “Una semplice domanda“, a mini-series already available on Netflix since 18 March which is quickly climbing the top of the charts. It develops in six episodes with speakers that are famous in Italy and abroad, exploring the meaning of happiness, but above all where to search it and where to find it.

Segnaletica VF

Does belief make us happy?” is the question that allows us to relate to the director from a new, particular standpoint, discovering memories of his grandparents and great-grandparents, Fellini-style reminiscences, rules and prohibitions, rituals, and the lifetime that flows past each of us in those last moments of existence. 

I am a moderate walker, just as I am in everything else“, says Sorrentino as the video shots from above show us cypress trees, blue skies and puffy clouds – which take us back to the marvelous stages we covered in Tuscany last summer, during the relay march “Via Francigena. Road to Rome 2021”. If you want to jump back into those memories with us, just take a look at our photogallery.

Riprese Netflix sulla Francigena
Il gruppo lungo la Francigena per Netflix
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The 4th edition of the Via Francigena Marathon in the Susa Valley is coming

Despite the difficulties given by the pandemic, once again this year ASD IRIDE in Rivoli is organising a Marathon along the Via Francigena which touches upon the most characteristic points of interest in the Susa Valley.

This non-competitive walk, for its 4th edition, will take place on Sunday 19 June 2022 with departure from Avigliana, medieval city known as ‘city of the two lakes’, followed by the passage at the Sacra di San Michele and arrival in the city center of Susa, both ‘Orange Flag’ locations classified by the Italian Touring Club.

Subscriptions, which opened at the end of January, already count 1500 participants. The closing of subscriptions, on the other hand, is expected for 1 June 2022 – or once the available 3000 subscriptions are sold out. During the last editions, 3000 subscriptions were reached as soon as 3 weeks after the launch of the event, therefore we highly recommend subscribing as soon as possible!

This year there are two available routes: with and without the passage at the Sacra di San Michele. There are also 3 available itineraries: 1) from the point of departure to the Sacra di San Michele 10 km (Family Marathon); 2) up to the Villarfocchiardo 21 km (Half Marathon); 3) the full marathon up to Susa, walking for 44 km. Similarly to last years, it is possible to select the Easy option without reaching the Sacra di San Michele, and reserve a shuttle service for your return.

The marathon #FMV2022 is open to everyone and must rigorously be walked, without running, to taste the beauty of this itinerary at its best.

The trail will be controlled by the Civil Protection public service and by the many Associations involved in the organisation. Local Police, law enforcement officers and the local Pro Loco will check the passage through towns. Volunteers will surveil the route, support participants and arrange resting and restoration spots located along the entire itinerary.

Click here to submit your subscription

In the above website you can also find the rules and details regarding the individual awards, transports, restorations, assistance, options for hotel bookings, etc.

Asd Iride also has other activities planned for this spring! First of all, the 4th gathering of ‘walkers of the two lakes’, which will take place in Avigliana on 24 April 2022, and following, on 8 May 2022, they will participate in the 16th stage of the ‘Giro d’Italia Plogging 2022’, in the municipalities of Avigliana, Grugliasco, Rivoli and Settimo.

For more information:

ASD IRIDE from Rivoli: mail

Leo Zappalà: phone 3398822333

Facebook and Instagram

To always be updated, join the Facebook group and community #FMV2022: @viafrancigenamarathonvaldisusa

Source: Press Release Via Francigena Marathon Val di Susa 2022

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Hot baths along the Via Francigena featured in Italian magazine ‘Viaggi e Cammini’

On 18 February 2022, the new edition of Italian magazine ‘Viaggi e Cammini’, published by Sprea Editori, will be available in national news-stands. The magazine focuses entirely on walking trips and pilgrimages, with a broad selection of trails described in each edition.

This number contains an article dedicated to thermal heritage along the Via Francigena, object of studies of the European project ‘rurAllure’. The EAVF is one of the principal collaborating partners of this project. Indeed, the EAVF’s team which is working on the project has prepared the article together with partners from the universities of Madrid and Venice. Such international project aims precisely to shed light and enhance historical heritage bordering the main European routes, including, with particular focus, thermal heritage along the 3 key itineraries that lead to Rome (i.e., Via Romea Strata, Via Romea Germanica and Via Francigena).

Not everybody knows how many thermal sites exist along the Via Francigena route in Italy – some of which are freely accessible, others upon payment. These sites are not only great stops along your journey, but they also have an immense historical and cultural value and attraction, as the Etruscans and ancient Romans themselves used to love visiting them.

Discover them all in the magazine, which can be purchased in all Italian news-stands. Otherwise, it is possible to order a copy by clicking here.


“Via Francigena. Road to Rome 2021. Start again!”: the perfect project at the perfect time

Exactly one week ago, on the 18th of October 2021, the “Road to Rome 2021” relay march came to an end after 127 days by foot along the Via Francigena.


EAVF participates in the rurAllure kick off meeting

On 11 – 13 January 2021 the European Association of the Via Francigena ways EAVF participated in the kick off meeting of the European project “rurAllure: Promotion of rural museums and heritage sites in the vicinity of European pilgrimage routes”.

This project aims to foster cultural cooperation and tourism along the historic pilgrimage routes. It leverages the state-of-the-art in information technologies in order to promote rural museums and heritage sites in the vicinity of major European pilgrimage routes. The goal is to foster symbiosis between the rural environment and the pilgrimage routes to enrich the cultural experience of the pilgrimage by the vast cultural heritage of rural areas that most often goes unnoticed.

The kick off meeting which was conducted digitally brought together project partners and associates under the leadership of the University of Vigo. The 16 cutting-edge European organisations and research institutions, including the EAVF, participate in this ambitious project, working on common strategies and developing the project’s pilots: literary heritage along the Saint James’ Ways, thermal heritage on the road to Rome, ethnological heritage on the Saint Olav’s ways and the naturalistic heritage on the way of Mary.