Via Francigena

Criticalities of the walking path

VFF46 from Mouthier-Haute-Pierre to Pontarlier: temporary change to the route

The gorges of Noailles are closed a bypass is in place in 2022 and 2023.

Leaving the village of Mouthier-Haute-Pierre the Via Francigena continues towards Pontarlier along the GR®145. The route usually passes through the “gorges de Noailles” to reach the “source de la Loue”, but since 2022 there have been rockslides and the path has been closed for clearing work and to secure the route. New rockslides have recently occurred and the route will remain closed in 2023 to continue work to make the site safe. A deviation has therefore been put in place from 2022 and will remain in place until further notice. The signposting of the deviation has been put in place by the Doubs departmental hiking committee and you can thus bypass the dangerous area and still reach the “source de la Loue” before resuming your walk towards Pontarlier.

More information (in French) can be found here.

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Leg 44 from Campagnano to La Storta: temporary change to the route

➡️ At the bottom of the text you can find the temporary route map and the link to download the GPX track ⬅️

Due to the temporary closure of the crossing of the section of the Via Francigena that from house number 1081 of the Via Cassia goes inside the Insugherata Park, in order to allow reclamation operations subsequent to the finding of dead wild boars due to “swine fever”, all pilgrims are strongly advised to follow the directions below.

Start from Campagnano and follow the traditional trail to the Sorbo Sanctuary. After the Sanctuary you continue into the Sorbo valley. When you meet the installation of a large chair on the left, you take a path to the right – marked as 207C – which then becomes 207G. You stay on the path skirting the forest, and then reach a wooden footbridge. Turn left here and walk for about 400 meters before meeting a path that returns in the bushes. You walk for about 1.5 km and two river fords will be necessary, that are not too easy.

At this point you leave the path traveling on a short stretch of a dirt road, near the locality Le Rughe. You cross Viale Europa and turn left onto Viale Africa.
You cross the entire parking lot of the Commercial Zone and come to a dangerous intersection. Be careful to follow the BLUE road signs for Rome. Alternatively, at the intersection the 36 line bus passes in the direction of Rome every half hour. All the way to La Storta.

For those who wish to continue on foot there are about 7.5 km of Via Cassia before finding Via Trionfale on the left, bringing to the center of Rome.
Alternatively, you can take the train at the train station in La Storta and get off at Monte Mario’s train station. At this point follow the bicycle path from Santa Maria della Pietà to Monte Ciocci. The new route is not yet official but has already been tested, especially during the Road to Rome 2021 initiative. The section is safe and leads pleasantly to a large square with a view of the “Cupolone”. From Monte Ciocci, you may follow a downhill road on the right, compared to the overlooking view; then, taking Via Candia, you will reach the area bordering the Vatican walls and finally St. Peter’s Square.

Continuing on the traditional route of the Via Francigena in 2 hours you reach the village of Formello and from there you can continue by bus (TPL) to the station of la Storta.

Travel time: 9 minutes
For schedules consult

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Criticalities of the walking path

VF ITALY, LEG 14 – Pavia to Santa Cristina

We have been informed that in the municipality of Linarolo, due to road works on the provincial road 13, which will start on Tuesday 26th April 2022 and will last until 14th June 2022 (as per order of the Province of Pavia), the passage of pilgrims travelling along this stretch of the Via Francigena will also be prohibited.

In the image below you can find indications of a possible detour (in pink) through some sand roads that could be used as an alternative to the official route in order to overcome the interruption caused by the works.

Criticalities of the walking path

Attention: landslide in Casalina, Pontremoli (Tuscany) (Via Francigena Italy, stage 22)

We have been informed that in the town of Casalina, along the stage that leads from the Cisa Pass to Pontremoli, a landslide has occurred on the road that passes through the town, causing the wall supporting the road to collapse.

It is a very picturesque stretch that leads to a bridge next to an old mill, from where the road continues underneath the chestnut trees.

The local authorities have been notified.