Via Francigena

Calais: a rose breed dedicated to the Via Francigena

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

A “Via Francigena” rose was created in the city of Calais supported by the Association for the Enhancement of the Architectural Heritage of Calais (AMVPAC). The rose is the subject of a subscription, which sales will be used to renovate and enhance the Calais Notre-Dame church and the surrounding gardens.

Calais, the first outpost of the Via Francigena in France, has been the EAVF member since 2018. The municipality has been active in the work of the association, contributing to the development of the route in France and beyond.

In the Calais area the Via Francigena winds along a beautiful path that joins the North Sea and immerses itself in nature, passing through Sangatte and other picturesque villages. The fine sand, with its different colours changing with the seasons, becomes the leitmotif of this exciting “maritime” stage.

The rose Via Francigena was created in 2018 by rose breeders Dominique Massad and Peter Beales. It comes from a family of a wild rose “rosa persica” discovered in 1784 during a long journey of the botanist and explorer André Michaux, in the Zagros mountains, between Iran and Iraq.

A rose in yellow tones, an age-old colour for warm feelings of friendship of optimism and wisdom, and in white tones to express purity and respect, created to pay homage to new beginnings and to express hope for the to come up. A rose that would become an attribute of all those who undertake a journey whether they are pilgrims, hikers or tourists.

The rose will be available for sale in June 2021. The prices vary between 28€ and 30€.

You can buy them (or order them) directly from Opal’fleurs (Place d’Armes), the shop has a small stock of rose stems and will be able to advise you on the maintenance of your plant.

You can also fill out an order form and send it directly to AMVPAC’s head office.

For more information (photos, prices, descriptions…) you will find the PDF link below.