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L’augurio di Spiritualitas in Francigenam per i pellegrini della Via Francigena
Best wishes from Spiritualitas in Francigenam: 2024, a new path towards peace and justice 

Joseph de Metz-Noblat, Bishop of Langres and President of “Spiritualitas in Francigenam“, dedicated his Christmas wishes to our Association and to the entire pilgrims’ community. 

As 2024 approaches, Bishop Joseph de Metz-Noblat invites us, as pilgrims of the world, to travel on a particular path: that of peace and hope. Have a great journey!  

I recently met a young man who left for Jerusalem. His main concern was to cross the passes of the Swiss Alps.  As for me, I prefer to stay warm, but that does not stop me from thinking of leaving for Rome as soon as possible.   

Christmas is the birth of Jesus, the Saviour, the one who comes to open a new path, marked by justice, peace and hope. We need this so much!    

The world is still shaken by wars, violence and global upheaval. What if I welcomed Christ into my life, so that I could taste his peace and pass it on to those around me? What if I recognised Christ in the faces of those I meet every day?  

Joseph de Metz-Noblat, Bishop of Langres and President of Spiritualitas in Francigenam 

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