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Also Montana is on the move: after 70 years in business it becomes a historical brand

Our partner Montana offers a Italian product that is a forerunner by definition, which reflects and incorporates , today more than ever, trends in pilgrims’ consumption: practical, simple, convenient, protein-packed, lean, local and committed to the environment.

A walk along the Via Francigena is a journey to discover history. It is lost in the mists of time, winding its way through different countries, passing through evocative natural landscapes, ancient villages, and leading travelers to discover the authenticity of a territory – savouring its customs, traditions and flavours. Eating a local meal helps to immerse oneself in the culture of the territory, but along the way it can sometimes be neither easy nor comfortable, so it is also necessary to make practical and quick choices.

70 years of Montana

On the eve of its 70th anniversary, the Montana brand has been included in the register of historic brands of national interest, set up by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development to protect industrial properties and enhance the excellence of Made in Italy in the world. The recognition is awarded to brands that are historically linked to the national territory, have been registered for at least 50 years and have demonstrated continuous activity over time, making them iconic and strongly recognizable for consumers. It is a further certification of the brand’s longevity and ability to innovate over time, always remaining faithful to the values of tradition and Italian character.

Like the Via Francigena, which has characterized the soul of the territories along its long route over the centuries, Montana has accompanied the transformations of Italian society. It is able each time to grasp – and sometimes anticipate – the changes and habits of people at the table and outdoors.

Montana’s restyling reflects the green style of the Via Francigena

The Via Francigena turns its attention to the promotion of sustainability, sensitising pilgrims to environmentally friendly behaviour along the route, also in their diet. Montana embraces this vision even in the restyling of its packaging. It has a new graphic design that emphasises distinctive aspects of the brand such as the Italian production (100% meat from Italian farms), the short and supervised supply chain, and a jelly made from its natural meat stock. Montana is now the only product on the market with an environmental product declaration (EPD) on the label.

Montana’s #CamminareMetteAppetito (i.e. Walking Gives you Appetite) project was set up to collect the best Italian outdoor routes and provide experiences, information and advice from and for pilgrims: click here to find out more.

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