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A Christmas message by “Spiritualitas in Francigena”

We wish to share a message for a Merry Christmas by Joseph de Metz-Noblat, Bishop of Langres and President of “Spiritualitas in Francigenam”, directed at the community of pilgrims and the EAVF:

Oh, how long are these nights at the beginning of winter. I can feel it once again, as I seek a warm shelter during my long journey along the “road of the Franks” leading me to Rome.

The cold and darkness are not only natural phenomena, but they also express the difficulties this world is experiencing: the coldness of war, of violence, of every type of opposition; the darkness of ignorance, of scorn and of blindness. Who will come to warm and light up our hearts?

I recall that the small baby in his cradle was born during the longest night of the year… But is it not him the one who opens the path towards peace and hope?

Indeed, as Jesus said: “Do good to those who hate you” (Mt 5,44) and he did so during his Passion. He presents himself as “the path, the truth and the life” (Gv 14,6). Walking in the countryside, I appreciate the signposts and the suggestions of local people, helping me to find my path. Maybe even on the path of my life?

This Christmas, I understand there is no need to be afraid, because Jesus is the light of the world (cfr. Gv 8,2).

Joseph de Metz-Noblat, Bishop of Langres, President of Spiritualitas in Francigenam

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