Organized Tours

For those who prefer to travel the via Francigena in an group with arrangements made by a specialized tour operator, we suggest the following major professional tour operators:

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Italian Tour Operators:

  • SloWays, Tour Operator that organize walking and cycling travels, self guided or in group, with luggage transportation on Via Francigena. SloWays is considered as "Expert Partner" by European Association of Francigena Ways

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  • Via del Sole has been organizing hiking and cycling holidays since 1996. The staff includes drivers, guide, cyclists, walkers and sommeliers who are passionate about delivering the best possible active holidays. They have the same passion that you have for the adventure. And they know that to make and unforgettable trip you need to find the most exciting itineraries, fascinating destinations, breathtaking scenery, good quality accommodation and a warm welcome all backed up by outstanding customer service.

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  • WALDEN, as a member of AITR, Italian Organization of Responsible Trourism, offers slow trekking in Italy and Europe, Asia and Africa to discover the world step by step: because walking is not only a way to discover Nature and a new dimension of time and of ourselves, but it becomes a valuable way to meet and exchange with other people. 

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