European projects

- «Les espèces du patrimoine culturel numérique: topologie et topographie des itinéraires culturels. Le cas d’étude de la Via Francigena»,  project promoted by University of Lille and EAVF. It is  focused on the analysis of the cultural heritage of the route, especially in France and Switzerland. Project financed by the University of Lille in 2015. Duration : 12 months.

- "Europe to Turkey on Foot (Preparation of a European Cultural Route between Europe and Turkey)", co-funded in 2016 by the EU and Turkey in the framework of the Programme "Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey – IV Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments". Overall objectives : Transferring of European good practices on the Via Francigena development and transnational cultural routes ; facilitating dialogue among civil society organizations in Turkey and in Europe ; integrating European and Turkish approaches to develop the Via Francigena from Italy toward Turkey; informing and assisting municipalities in Turkey and Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. Duration : 12 months.

- «EuroVelo 5 – Via Romea Francigena: an innovative transnational cycling tourism product», co-funded in 2016 in the frmework of the COSME Programme, Call: "Supporting Competitive and Sustainable Growth in the Tourism Sector - COS-TOUR-2015-3-04"; Theme: Diversifying the EU tourism offer and products – Promoting transnational thematic tourism products. General Objectives: Diversification of the tourism offer of the destination Europe through the development of a transnational cycle itinerary Eurovelo 5 - Via Romea Francigena  (EV5-VRF), as an innovative product for sport tourism and a healthy lifestyle while enhancing the European common cultural heritage along the Via Romea Francigena. Project duration: 18 months.

- «Per Viam Pilgrims’ Routes in Action». Coordinated by the EAVF the project was co-funded in 2012, within the framework of the Preparatory Action “Sustainable Tourism”. The project strengthened cooperation on the international scale among the public and private actors involved at different levels in the enhancement of the cultural-tourist routes of the Via Francigena while fostering dialogue and exchange with other the European Cultural Routes. 

- «CERTO, Cultural European Routes: TOols for a coordinated communication & marketing strategy»,co-funded in 2012 by the European Commission - Enterprise and Industry Direction General in the framework of the CIP Programme. The project aimed at creating a shared and coordinated marketing and communication strategy for cultural tourism initiatives along European cultural routes. Duration : 18 months.