Via Francigena

170 Graduate Students in Erasmus in Europe thanks to the Via Francigena

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Redazione AEVF

The opportunity is reserved to new graduated students who have obtained a high school diploma in a school along the Via Francigena: 21 students have already departed, and 49 more are getting ready to leave.

This was possible thanks to the project “FORREsT: new skills FOR expeRiEntial Tourism”, of which EAVF is a leading partner, and which falls under the wider project Erasmus+.

The project aims at reacting to new international tourism trends (experiential and sustainable tourism), and at promoting the economic and productive development of areas affected by the crossing of the Via Francigena. The overarching target is the valorization of small local communities, which have a common pattern in their European cultural identity: the Via Francigena. The 21 students who are already travelling are spread across France and Spain, and some of them have already finished their experience and returned home.

The students have the possibility to undertake an educational / working internship in European organizations within the abovementioned working sectors. This is possible by obtaining a scholarship that includes:

  • language preparations and proficiency through the European platform OLS

  • roundtrip airplane tickets to the internship destination

  • insurance coverage for the entire stay period

  • accommodation; professional, organizational and logistic tutoring and monitoring

  • proof of attendance and certification


One year later, the project F.O.R.R.Es.T. 2.0 – FOsteR an euRopEan identity through the Trainees mobility” also started and is now ongoing. If the first edition was offered to graduates in high schools along the Via Francigena between Aosta and Rome, the “FORREsT 2.0” project speaks to 100 young graduates along the entire Italian route of the Via Francigena, from Valle d’Aosta to Puglia, once again offering working experiences in Spain, England and France.

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Here are some of their reflections at the end of the experience:

“This activity certainly had a positive impact on my interpersonal relations, helping me develop an increased objective perception of the working environment”.

Francesco Caraccia – France


“This experience can give each of us the possibility to discover and improve many aspects of ourselves. We have been stimulated in countless ways: from the private to the working realm of experience. I can only speak positively of this project, and I am satisfied of what I learned about tourism, a sector I had no experience with”.

Gaia Colalucci – Spain


“It was a very educational experience; I discovered a new country, a new culture and made many friends. I also had the opportunity to walk into the working world as a translator, which is what I am now studying at the University. I would recommend anyone not to doubt about leaving, possibly for unknown destinations, to learn about new cultures and allow the mind to open as much as possible”.

Giulia Galli – Spain


“I leave with a heavier baggage, full of experiences and with an awareness I did not have before. I discovered that I am ready to work and to manage the marketing of a company. I really liked the experience; I am sure it opened my eyes on a working field I ignored beforehand. Now it is my duty to remain curious and eager to learn more and more!”

Sara Marconcini – Spain