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The Via Francigena at the opening conference of the “Green Pilgrimage” project, in Canterbury

On 16th May the opening conference of the  Interreg Europe Programme-funded Green Pilgrimage project was held in Canterbury, UK. For the next five years this project  will be supporting European regional policies in capitalizing the positive impact as well as further exploiting the the inexplored potential od pilgrimage cultural routes in Europe for the cultural and natural heritage safeguard and promotion. Indeed, according to United Nations’s data every year 330 millions of people go to pilgrimage toward religious destinations in the world.

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The Via Francigena Interregional committee convenes on the cycle itinerary and on route accessibility

The European Committee for technical interregional coordination of the Via Francigena (ECTIC) convened in Rome on 11 May on the biking route and on accessible infrastructure and services for all. Both of them are very relevant themes within nowadays tourist market and which are also in line with the Council of Europe values for an inclusive and sustainable cultural route.

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Variante Cimina of the Via Francigena: Competition for water distributor and information totem

The competition for architecture and engineering students for under 35's is a go, for the design of an information totem and a water distributor.

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Via Francigena: good practices for territorial development

The continuous establishment of Slow Tourism, on foot, by bicycle and on horseback, has encouraged the proliferation of the European paths in the media and, therefore, touristic use, one being the Via Francigena.

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Agenzia del Demanio: the first national announcement of the Cammini e Percorsi project now online

The first announcement of the Valore Paese-Cammini e Percorsi project begins allocating 43 real estates to cooperative companies and associations established for the most part less than 40 years free of change for 9 years, as laid down by D.L. Turismo e Cultura (D.L. 31.5.2014, n. 83). 

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EAVF dedicated to the development of the Via Francigena in Switzerland

The European Association of the Vie Francigena is at the service of Switzerland to implement the development of the European route.  

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The Tuscan Francigena: 39 municipalities for a ‘homogeneous touristic product’

FLORENCE - completed today with the signing of the agreement between the 39 interested municipalities, the path towards the creation of the first uniform touristic product "Via Francigena Toscana".  The representatives of the various municipal administrations signed the agreement today at the convention entitled "La Francigena. The sustainable footprint of Tuscany and other leading areas', that was held in the Pegasus Hall of Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati, in Florence.

With the birth of the touristic product "Via Francigena Toscana", the 39 signatory municipalities (grouped into 4 aggregations) are responsible for the management of hospitality and touristic information, of promotion and communication of the touristic product, of maintaining order on the hiking routes and the monitoring and analysis of tourist flows. 

As stated, the signed agreement identifies four municipal aggregations: North, Central North, Central South and South. 

The northern aggregation includes the municipalities of Pontremoli, Filattiera, Villafranca in Lunigiana, Bagnone, Licciana Nardi, Fosdinovo, Aulla, Carrara, Massa, Montignoso. The central northern includes Seravezza, Pietrasanta, Camaiore, Massarosa, Lucca, Capannori, Porcari, Montecarlo, Altopascio, Ponte Buggianese. The central southern Fucecchio, Santa Croce, Castelfranco, San Miniato, Castelfiorentino, Montaione, Gambassi.
Finally, the southern aggregation includes San Gimignano, Colle di Val d'Elsa, Monteriggioni, Siena, Monteroni, Buonconvento, Montalcino, San Quirico d'Orcia, Castiglione d'Orcia, Radicofani, San Casciano dei Bagni, Abbadia San Salvatore.

In addition, the agreement indicates the 4 leading municipalities of each aggregation: 
Pontremoli-MassaLuccaFucecchio e Siena, respectively.

The creation of the first uniform touristic product, in implementation of article 15 of the new regional law on tourism relative to thematic tourism products,completes the course begun by the region with the aim of guaranteeing the accessibility of the route in accordance with the fundamental standards defined by the same region for touristic products adopted by the European Association of the Vie Francigene.  
According to the agreement, Toscana Promozione Turistica and Fondazione Sistema Toscana will support the municipalities with promoting the touristic product.  Irpet will instead be the entity which will provide information analysis of its tourist flows. Regarding the task of routine maintenance, necessary for guaranteed integral and homogeneous accessibility along the tract, the municipalities will be able to use an entity of those contributing to the European Association of the View Francigene (EAVF).  

The agreement also predicts the establishment of one specific Tourist Destination Observatory that will look over all the public and private players that will be responsible for the analysis of the understanding of touristic events linked to the Via Francigena.  At a later stage, the implementation regulation of the new law permits the development of the so-called 'hiking refuge' which will facilitate free accommodation (with donation) to pilgrims and walkers.       

Thanks to regional finances, they proceed with the task of developing new enjoyable occasions for the Via Francigena.  Shortly the cycle path and waterway signage will be financed (with around 270 thousand euros).  They have also launched work on a circuit of thermal offers connected to slow tourism and the Via Francigena (in addition to the three centres on the route, the other 11 thermal structures that can be found within a 15km radius of the route are also being established). 
Other forthcoming actions include: the so-called Labyrinth, in the municipality of Capannori; small interventions in  receiving points and overnight accommodation managed by ecclesiastical institutes (50 thousand euros allocated); normal maintenance of the route, replacement of faulty signage and development of a task programme animation on the route (another 150 thousand euros); coordination among the associations that operate on the route to create the draft of a billboard promoting the activities on the Via Francigena.   Fonte: Toscana Notizie

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Walking news travels further when shared

FrancigenaNews begins its collaboration with the editors of the European Association of the Vie Francigene

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President Tedeschi, informed during the last Executive Board meeting. The nomination of Martine Gautheron and Lucia Baracchini strengthens the commitment of the Via Francigena in France and confirms the role of the Tuscan region.

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Ciclovia Francigena questionnaire

A short questionnaire prepared by the student Nadim Hammami about the CicloVia Francigena in order to better know the current state of the route one year after this project was launched.

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Competition announcement "A love of hiking"

An announcement for the valuation of historical-cultural routes reserved for municipalities and associations for the development of pilgrim routes.  The project was proposed by the Gruppo dei Dodici, with the support of the European Association of the Vie Francigena. 

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Now online the new regulations for the use of the EAVF institutional logo and trademark

The European Association of the Vie Francigene protects and promotes the official route of the Via Francigena, as certified in the Programme of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, as a touristic-emotional product and experience, a European model of excellent results and service.

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Via Francigena, entrusted funds to develop free accommodation

FLORENCE – A regional contribution of 50,000 euros has been put towards the development of free, or so-called 'povera' or poor, accommodation, along the Tuscan Via Francigena.

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30th anniversary of Santiago de Compostela Route: European Cultural Route

On 30 September 2017, the Jacobee Associations of the French Regions of Burgundy, Franche-Comté and Lorraine, with the support of the Association of the Paths of Saint James of Compostela on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the recognition of the route of Santiago de Compostela as a European Cultural Route., organised a meeting in Notre-Dame de Mont-Roland Sanctuary, located along the route.

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DigitaLife and the Via Francigena

The European Association of the Vie Francigene is the partner of DigitaLife, a project for a collective film which will tell the story of the changes which have occured in the last twenty years from a perspective aimed towards the future.  The venture will be realised mainly thanks to the videos sent in by members of the public.

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The recovered Cathedral: the route revealed by its sacred sculptures.

The restoration of the splendid antelamic face of the Cathedral of Fidenza has now finished.  The statues and the low reliefs, sculpted during the XII and XIII centuries are brought to light once more, directing pilgrims on the Via Francigena who, after months of strenuous work, can find themselves before a jewel of the historical route.   

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Trenitalia – EAVF: The Via Francigena by train. A sustainable mobility project.

Rome, 9th June 2017 – The consolidation of the collaboration of Trenitalia with the European Association of the Vie Francigene occurred for the integration of the railway and the route, from the Aosta Valley to Rome on foot or by bike.

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Of Churches, Trails and Bell-ringers. The Passo della Cisa on the Via Francigena

Three days and three demanding legs: from Fornovo to Pontremoli, passing through CassioBerceto and the fateful Passo della Cisa. Rucksacks on shoulders and camera in hand, with a great will to walk and discover.  

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I Love Francigena

Three weekend walks in June – free and open to all – on the Lombard tract of the Via Francigena. The aim is to work together towards the cleaning and maintenance of the great Italian itinerary.

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Call for Papers "Romei and Francigeni. The Sources for an European Pilgrimage History”

Almatourism and the European Association of the Vie Francigene will publish a special issue devoted to the documentary sources relevant to the so called Romee Routes

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