Seven seasons, one rucksack and a lot of Providence: the Siena exhibition

Saturday 03 Feb. 2018
Sunday 18 Feb. 2018

At 17:30 on Saturday 3rd February in the church of Santa Marta in Siena, the photographic exhibition of Francisco Sancho will be inaugurated.


The exhibition, entitled "Sette stagioni, uno zaino e tanta Provvidenza" (Seven regions, one rucksack and a lot of Providence) tells an extraordinary tale of life, faith, suffering, but overall of joy, which brought the "record pilgrim" to realise a dream nurtured for years: to experience, through a pilgrimage, the main places of worship of Christianity. 

Born in Barcelona and honorary Vicentino, the pilgrim, Sancho, tells an incredible story of over 13,000 km on foot, in 15 months13 cities35 international routes and over 400 shrines. Visitors will be able to admire 80 large print photographs of the moving beauty and mysticism, as well as a film to remember the endless pilgrimage story. 

The author will be present at the exhibition to share his pilgrim experience, from the Shrine of Czestochowa in Rome, Assisi in Santiago de Compostela, through Finisterre, Tours, then Belgium, Germany and north Denmark. Step by step until getting a glimpse of Norway, where the pilgrim would have liked to see the Shrine of San Olav. A goal for another time: the approach of the arctic winter and worsening of pain in his left knee compelled our pilgrim to return to Italy, walking another 2,500 km on foot. 

"For me it was a walk to give thanks. I made my first pilgrimage in 1995 along the French route to Santiago de Compostela. I learned to walk horizontally while looking vertically and understood that life is a gift and that we should live it as one - states Francisco Sancho - After other pilgrimages all over Europe, I tried to set time as a friend, to link the most important great shrines of Christianity during the Middle Ages. I have cherished this dream for 8 years..."

The free entry exhibition will remain open to the public until the 18th February with the following opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday 10-12 and 15-19. Closed Monday.