The Tuscan Via Francigena, working towards a Homogeneous Touristic Product

Thursday 23 Nov. 2017
Friday 26 Jan. 2018

FucecchioPontremoliSienaLucca and Firenze: a precious list of meetings for the first ProdottoTuristicoOmogeneo - Tuscan Francigena, or in other words, the first Homogeneous Touristic Product.  

Four legs in the four leading municipalities of the four groups of the north, central north, central south and south, in which the 39 municipalities which signed the agreement for the establishment of the Homogeneous Touristic Product gathered together.  Their aim is to manage the hospitality and tourist information of walking routes, as well as the promotion and communication of the touristic product and the maintenance of the route itself.  They also intend to monitor and analyse the touristic flow of the route.   

Meeting dates

23rd November 2017 - Fucecchio, Auditorium "La Tinaia" Parco Corsini

4th December 2017 - Pontremoli, Ostello "Convento dei Cappuccini"

12th January 2018 - Siena, Palazzo Patrizi

19th January 2018 -  Lucca, Museo della Francigena "Casa del Boia"

26th January 2018 - Florence, Consiglio regionale