Francigena Musica, an exposition to promote the area

Saturday 17 Feb. 2018
Saturday 17 Feb. 2018

At 11:30 on the 17th February in Rome, at via del Monte della Farina, 64, the presentation of the Francigena Musica “I grandi Maestri in cammino lungo la via del pellegrino" project will take place, the musical exposition in historical monuments along the route in the city of Acquapendente.

The presentation of the event, planned for April to September 2018 and sponsored by the European Association of the Vie Francigene, will be presented by Sandro Polci, creator and promotor of the European Festival of the Vie Francigene Collective Project; as well as Don Enrico Castauro, priest of Acquapendente; Angelo Ghinassi, mayor of Acquapendente and Costantino Mastroprimiano, academic of the Conservatorio di Perugia.

The meeting will begin at 11:45 with the presentation of the speakers, after this the music of Costantino Mastroprimiano will begin at 12:30. At 13 the convivial meeting will start, attended by the Ristorante la Parolina, with 1 Michelin star, and the Isituto Alberghiero “Safi ELIS” of Rome.

The Event: Francigena musica is the ideal tool to bring the religious and historical-archaeological and folkloristic culture of Acquapendente together, in that which is named the Jerusalem of Europe thanks to the presence of copy of the most ancient Sacred Shrine of Jerusalem. Acquapendente and its surrounding area has always been a borderland and transit route. It has been crossed by one of the most important routes, connecting the north to the south, since Medieval times: the Via Francigena. Traversed by Kings, Popes, armies, traders and naturally pilgrims, for centuries, their destination being San Pietro of Rome or even the Sacred Shrine of Jerusalem. This arterial road brought diverse people in contact, allowing them to meet and share ideas and cultures. 

The project offers cultural and musical events in the splendid frame of the historic buildings of Acquapendente. The initiative is the means to get to know and promote outstanding historical, cultural and religious aspects of the city. Both professionals, who live and work in alta Tuscia, and figures of international fame, with the aim of adding value to the exposition and enriching the artistic grandeur.

(Find the flyer attached with details of the event)