"Back to Campi", a walking weekend along the Francigena

Saturday 17 Mar. 2018
Sunday 18 Mar. 2018

"Supporting Back to Campi on foot" is the initiative launched by Maurizio Ornella and Federica Caracciolo to promote the project supporting the district of Norcia "Back to Campi". 


The event planned the 17th and 18th March along the Via Francigena from Santa Cristina to Orio Litta, is a moment of community and solidarity for the areas of central Italy hit by the earthquake (read the news).

The programme:

The weekend will begin Saturday 17th March at 10:15 with the 17km walk from the railway station of S. Cristina to Bissone to Orio Litta, in piazza dei Benedettini. An overnight stay at the hostel of Orio Litta, 5 euros per person, including dinner, breakfast and Sunday lunch. There are just 30 places available in the hostel, but 30 more may sleep on the floor on a mat.

At 9:30, on Sunday 18th March begins the 8km ring route from the hostel through the neighbouring countryside. a meeting will occur at 15 in the municipal hall of Orio Litta with Roberto Sbriccoli, president of the Pro Loco Campi di Norcia and the creator of the "Back to Campi" project with the possibility of offerings on a voluntary basis.

For confirm participation please contact: ornella.maurizio@gmail.com