Sunday 04 Jun. 2017
Sunday 04 Jun. 2017

On Sunday 4th June 2017, the 5th edition of the European Francigena Marathon” is going to take place. It is a non-competitive walk of 42,195 km from Acquapendente to Montefiascone, following the ancient Sigeric’s itinerary.

The European Francigena Marathon is organised by the Sport Tourism and Culture Department of the Municipality of Acquapendente and by the Italian Alpine Club Viterbo Section, with the support of the European Association of the Vie Francigene, the help of the State Forestry Corps Provincial Headquarters of Viterbo, the collaboration of the Municipalities of San Lorenzo Nuovo, Bolsena and Montefiascone and the help of various local associations.

The event, promoted at a National and International level, aims to acquaint the participants with a territory full of natural and artistic beauty, which constitutes the historical-cultural and environmental heritage of the Municipalities involved in the event.

We will start in Acquapendente, 132 km north of Rome, which is located on the Via Cassia and at the border with Umbria and Tuscany; a fundamental stop-over on the Via Fracigena. The pilgrim who visits cannot miss the suggestive Roman crypt that dates back to 12th century and that contains the aedicule of the Holy Sepulchre, the most ancient copy of the Jerusalem’s original left in Europe.
Following the tabulation of the official path realised according to the EAVF’s and Lazio Region’s information, with the supervision of the IAC of Viterbo, we will proceed along little countryside streets towards the town of San Lorenzo Nuovo. Contrary to the near cities that are typically medieval, this conserves a historical neoclassical city centre that dates back to the 18th century.
From this first halfway arrival (km 11,300), we will proceed along the volcanic crater and we will reach Bolsena, second halfway arrival (km 23,5), where it will be possible to walk the peculiar little roads of the castle, walking along the Basilica of Santa Cristina. This stopover for the pilgrims on the ancient Francigena path towards Rome hosted floods of Romans for centuries. Said sanctuary is particularly idolised not only for the worship of Santa Cristina, but also mainly for the memory of the famous Eucharistic miracle.
From Bolsena begins a more difficult path, through narrow and peculiar little countryside roads that will lead us to the naturalistic park of Turona, at the top of Montefiascone (km 42,195), an historical city located at the km 100 from st. Peter’s tomb. Here it will be possible to admire the Monument and the Tower of the Pilgrim located in the complex of the Popes’ residence.

It will be a challenging walk, that will highlight the personality and the willpower of the participants, who will have to compete against themselves, in order to promote a Via, an ancient Via, that is surely a destination for thousands of pilgrims in the years to come.

The Event, validated and insured by F.I.A.S.P. (Italian Federation of Amateur Sport for All), is part of the recreational-motor free-time activities and is overtly a “non competitive walk”. It will be possible to start the walk not only from Acquapendente, but also from San Lorenzo Nuovo and Bolsena, with the possibility to choose a path adequate to the ability of every participant.

Speaking of which, in order to simplify the organisation, the choice of the segment to walk needs to be decided by every participant during the subscription. The path will be completely secured by the presence and the supervision of the State Forestry Corps, Carabinieri, IAC, the provincial and local police and with the collaboration of the local civil protections. The medical cover for the path will be instead provided by the local section of the CRI of Acquapendente, the Misericordia of Bolsena and the Falisca of Montefiascone.


The program and more information can be found attached.


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