• The Cycling Path
    The Cycling Path

You cycle swiftly along the main embankment of the Po; with a slightly greater effort you will follow the dirt roads of the Tuscan hills; on the bike route along the Dora River or on the disused railway from Colle val d'Elsa to Poggibonsi you will be completely safe from speeding traffic. The cycle route of Via Francigena, between the Great St. Bernard Pass and Rome, differs little from that pedestrian, but seeks to find the best solutions, allowing you to ride in peace, avoiding obstacles and reducing gradients: with a little 'training, all may take on this memorable trip on either a hybrid or mountain bike



Criticalities along the Path

Problems for the transportation of bicycles from Aosta to Passo del Gran San Bernardo – VFB 01

We inform about the inability to reach Colle del Gran San Bernardo with the bike for the people who start from Aosta. As a matter of fact, a new regional directive on public transports forbids to load our bicycles on the busses.

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Sloways luggage transport on Via Francigena
Sito Ufficiale EuroVelo 5


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