Walking towards Rome and Jerusalem

The ancient route that in medieval times connected Canterbury to Rome and to the harbors of Apulia has been discovered by modern wayfarers, who set off on a surprising and enchanting route. Since 2001 the European association of vie Francigene coordinates the development and promotion of an itinerary that runs across Italy and Europe, retracing the history of our continent. 

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A task force of volunteers on the Via Francigena

The course "Accommodation/Support on the Via Francigena", organized by the two municipal administrations of Pont Saint Martin and Donnas, and led by Laura Decanale, Teresa Charles and architect Silvia Stroppa, has now finished.


Europe Day - celebration of the European Routes

"The Via Francigena, Way of Peace" is the title of an international forum, organized by the European Association of the Vie Francigene, to celebrate 15 years since its founding. On Europe Day, 9 May, AEVF wanted to remember the importance of the Way that unites the people of Europe, from the north to the Mediterranean.