The Via Francigena

The ancient route that in medieval times connected Canterbury to Rome and to the harbors of Apulia has been discovered by modern wayfarers, who set off on a surprising and enchanting route. Since 2001 the European association of vie Francigene coordinates the development and promotion of an itinerary that runs across Italy and Europe, retracing the history of our continent.



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EAVF at the Training Academy on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

European Association of the Via Francigena (EAVF) attended the Training Academy on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe hosted in the Royal Monastry of Yuste and Palace of Charles V, in Cuacos de Yuste (Extremadura), Spain, from 12 to 15 June.

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The Via Francigena, an expert network with Routes4U

The first meeting of the "Routes4U" project on the Cultural Routes of the Macro Adriatic-Ionian Region took place on June 6th in Venice.

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Calais celebrates the Via Francigena, the tale of a day of new meetings and hiking

Calais, door of the Via Francigena in France, enters strongly into the network of the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (AEVF).

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From Rome to London with "A rucksack full of hope"

A rucksack full of hope. This is the journey of Paolo Previato, 59 years old, of the province of Verona, who left Rome on 22nd May in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation (FFC).

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