Walking towards Rome and Jerusalem

The ancient route that in medieval times connected Canterbury to Rome and to the harbors of Apulia has been discovered by modern wayfarers, who set off on a surprising and enchanting route. Since 2001 the European association of vie Francigene coordinates the development and promotion of an itinerary that runs across Italy and Europe, retracing the history of our continent. 



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Exhibit in Clairvaux's Abbey

Exhibit in Clairvaux's Abbey : Jannina Veit Teuten, artist who paints forthe Via Francigena way, she will show her painting from 1st September to 30th of October in the Clairvaux's Abbey in the deârtementof Aube in France.

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The Vie Francigene in Puglia, from vision to opportunity for a sustainable territorial development

The Vie Francigene in Puglia, from vision to opportunity for a sustainable territorial development” is the title of the dissertation discussed by Alessandro Caterino in the month of July, at the University of Bologna. The dissertation is focused on the Via Francigena in Puglia and on the governance of the project: an example of good practice, which sees the Puglia, through the Via Francigena, at the centre of an international project, tied to the sustainable territorial development.


The new official guide of the Via Francigena

 In this Jubilee year and in the year that Italy has dedicated walking, here are some reflections on the Via Francigena, " Cultural Route of the Council of Europe": eighteen hundred kilometers from Canterbury to Rome, then onward to Southern Italy, the Mediterranean and Jerusalem.