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The new website of the via Francigena

New graphics, new maps, new content: in the official website of the Via Francigena you will find the updated route, the list of accommodation facilities, and all the information needed to follow the route. Coming soon will be the bike and motor car routes. Also news about the European Festival and European Association of the Via Francigena projects. Happy surfing!



Promote the Via Francigena route and the towns, heritage, culture and people in Canterbury

Just a few words about Canterbury and the opportunities related to the promotion of the Via Francigena  with Mrs Jean Law, Deputy Leader, Canterbury City Council […]

European Committee for Technical Interregional Coordination of the Via Francigena. Next meeting in Reims

The next meeting of the European Committee for Technical Interregional Coordination of the Via Francigena will take place in Reims, on Friday 12 December.  A new page focused on this Committee and related activities, programmes, documents and meetings is available on the EAVF website […]

The route

The maps and GPS tracks of the via Francigena, with descriptions of the main points of interest in each stage with beautiful photographs.